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When recently researching publications that pay for previously published material, I was surprised to find several podcast shows that fell into this category! These are programs that look for writing to read aloud on their podcasts to entertain listeners.

I searched high and low to find more podcasts that are interested in featuring your words in audio for this post. Because audio is a completely different medium than print or digital, reprints are often welcomed if it has not been produced in audio before (we’ve noted this where applicable). We’ve also indicated payment where available. For those without payment noted, we assume they are non-paying markets. Here is a list of places to start.


  • The Other Stories – This podcast is looking for fiction stories from new, emerging, and struggling writers’. Be prepared, your submission acceptance includes your guest appearance on the podcast to discuss your writing process and read your story aloud. SUBMIT


  • Pseudopod – If you have a short horror story you’d like to hear read by a narrator, try this audio magazine that pays a flat fee of $100 for reprints ($20 flat fee for flash fiction – under 1500 words) and $.06/word for original fiction up to 6,000 words. SUBMIT


  • The Drabblecast“A free, weekly, audio fiction podcast featuring short stories at the far side of weird”, this publication currently offers 3 cents per word for stories 500-4,000 words long. Reprints and originals are considered. SUBMIT


  • The Way Of The Buffalo Podcast – “The Way of the Buffalo is a storytelling podcast for the 21st century.  We interview writers, podcasters, editors and artist to get to the heart of digital production and distribution.  We also present short fiction from up and coming creators.”  This program pays a flat rate of $10 per accepted short story of a preferred 1,000-2,000 word length. SUBMIT
  • Mash Podcast – This podcast narrates shortlisted stories from the Mash Competition, where writers are asked to create a 500 word short story containing random objects provided by Mash. The competition runs every three months and the winner receives $100. SUBMIT
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  • Escape Pod – Publishing your accepted submission in both text and audio, Escape Pod wants science fiction that fits their themes and reflects diversity. Stories should be between 2,000 and 6,000 words in length with a flat fee of $100 for reprints and $.06/word for original fiction up to 6,000 words. SUBMIT
  • Glittership – A science fiction and fantasy podcast devoted to publishing audio versions of LGBTQ stories from authors of all backgrounds, this twice monthly podcast pays for both reprints ($.01/word) and originals ($.03/word) up to 6,000 words. SUBMIT

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  • The Overcast – Look for submissions to open quarterly, during the months of October, January, April and July. This podcast has a 2,000 word sweet spot (give or take). Payment is $.02/word. SUBMIT

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  • The Lapse – A combo interview and narrated format, this podcast’s tagline is ‘true stories, gussied up’ and involves intensive post production. SUBMIT
  • That Story Show – If you have a funny true story around 400 words, consider submitting to this podcast. SUBMIT


  • (Audio) Liturgy Podcast – “Combining Your Prayers, Poetry, Stories, Music & Songs to Create Liturgical Movements and holy moments”, this podcast is looking for themed submissions of everything from poems and prayers and stories of how you have seen/encountered the divine in the world around you, to music. SUBMIT

I can’t wait to hear your words on one of these programs!

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