10 Must-Listen Podcast Episodes For Bloggers With Online Publishing Goals

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10 Must-Listen Podcast Episodes For Bloggers With Online Publishing Goals

Some of you have never missed a podcast, so thank you for listening!

For those who joined us already in progress, you may not have had a chance to go back through our show archives. Each week we talk to a different editor at a website you know and love (or one that you will know in love once we introduce you to it) and share the information you need to submit your writing to their site with the best chance at being accepted.

To ensure that you don’t miss any of our greatest hits, I’ve put together this list of our 10 most popular Beyond Your Blog podcasts from our first 9 months/40 podcasts!

Do you have a favorite? Share it with us in the comments!

–Susan Maccarelli, Beyond Your Blog Podcast Host and Founder

And let’s count down starting with my 10th most popular podcast episode…

10 Must-Listen Podcast Episodes For Bloggers With Online Publishing Goals

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#10 BYB 029: Getting Paid To Write For Regional Family Magazines With Kerrie McLoughlin

Getting Paid To Write For Regional Family Magazines interview with Kerrie McLoughlin - Beyond Your Blog Podcast 29

In this episode, Kerrie gives us the inside scoop on writing for regional parenting and family magazines including how savvy writers sell the same article as a reprint multiple times (and get paid multiple times!).  Kerrie’s book, Make Money to Write About Your Kids (285 Markets): Get Published in Regional, National and Online Parenting and Family Magazines (this is an affiliate link), includes contact info for 285 paying markets and is now available in both ebook and print formats. I just got the book myself and just submitted my first article to many of the markets Kerrie has contact info for in her book!

#9 BYB 027: Guest Posting And Sponsored Opportunities From The SITS Girls With Tiffany Romero

Guest Posting and Sponsored Opportunities From The SITS Girls - Interview With SITS Founder Tiffany Romero

Although most female bloggers know about The SITS Girls, you may not know about all of the guest posting opportunities and sponsored campaigns they offer.  Founder Tiffany Romero explains it all!  After this podcast with Tiffany, I had several of my own blogging tips featured/teased on The SITS Girls, and saw some of the highest traffic to my personal blog as a result that I have had from any guest posting I have done to date.

#8 BYB 002: Talking Anthologies With Jen Mann Of People I Want To Punch In The Throat

Talking Anthologies With Jen Mann of People I Want To Punch In The Throat

This podcast is special, because (1) Jen is the only guest I have interviewed twice for this podcast and (2) As my second ever podcast, this is the earliest podcast to make this top ten list. Jen talks about her anthologies, how she selects contributors and the books she has authored herself. Note: the open submission call we discuss has come and gone, but there is lots of other great content in this episode for potential anthology creators and contributors.

#7 BYB 015: Get Published in Brain, Child Magazine With Marcelle Soviero

16 minute Podcast Interview With Editor-In-Chief of Brain, Child Magazine letting you know everything you need to know to successfully submit your writing and get published in their magazine, website and blog. |Marcelle Soviero |writing submissions | call for submissions

If you write stories that are even remotely connected to being a parent, then Brain, Child is probably on your submission radar.  Editor-in-Chief, Marcelle Soviero oversees Brain, Child’s editorial direction and so much more, and she is also an award-winning essayist and a veteran of the magazine publishing industry.  In our interview, she offers some great advice on crafting a strong essay, and also walks through the different components to Brain, Child, and submission tips for each.  At 16 minutes, this is a quick listen with tons of great info.

#6 BYB 009: Tips For Submitting Writing To Mamalode With Elke Govertsen

Tips For Submitting Writing To Mamalode

If you are interested in learning more about submitting to Mamalode, looking for tips to get your writing featured, in search of a parenting magazine that approaches parenting from a meaningful place, or thinking of starting your own magazine (online or print), this interview will have something for you. Elke is passionate and motivating in the way she speaks and I used the information she shared to get my own writing published for the first time on Mamalode several months after this interview.

#5 BYB 034: Write About Faith, Family, Fashion, Food & Fun With Tanyalynette Palmo (INACTIVE)

#4 BYB 016: Become A BLUNTmoms Contributor With Magnolia Ripken

Beyond Your Blog Podcast 16 - Magnolia Ripkin BLUNTmoms

One of my favorite guests, BLUNTmoms Editor-In-Chief, Magnolia Ripkin, gives the straight scoop on what it takes to get published on BLUNTmoms.  We also talk about what it means to become a part of their tight-knit cadre writer group.  If you want to express your rowdy, raw and feminine side in the context of being a mom, this podcast is for you.

#3 BYB 008: How To Get Published On Scary Mommy With Jill Smokler

How To Get Published On Scary Mommy Interview with Founder Jill Smokler

Jill and I talked back in September of 2014 about what it takes to get your work featured on Scary Mommy. Since this interview, the site was bought by another company and now they even pay for your accepted work. Be sure to check the submission guidelines since there have been some minor changes, but an important interview to listen to to better your odds at getting published on this site that is known for driving traffic and social following to published bloggers.

#2 BYB 023: How Do I Get Published On HuffPost? With Emma Mustich

HuffPost Parents Senior Editor Answers How Do I Get Published On HuffPost

It’s no surprise that this podcast did so well considering that HuffPost appears in some way in the search terms that bring me the most traffic. Everyone wants to know the secret of becoming a HuffPost blogger and Emma Mustich of HuffPost Parents gives the answers that question in this podcast.

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Drum Roll….

#1 – BYB 026: Submitting Writing To New York Times Motherlode With KJ Dell’Antonia

**UPDATE – The team from the former NYT Motherlode moved to the Well Family section of the New York Times in 2016. Well Family includes “expanded coverage of parenting, childhood health and relationships to help every family live well.’ New submission guidelines are pending. As of March 2016 – KJ Dell’Antonia is still reading submissions, though their publications slots are full for some time out, so most likely you may get a canned rejection. That said, they ARE still working with freelancers and accepting essays. Looking for 800 words give or take. (kj.dellantonia@nytimes.com)**

Submitting Writing To New York Times Motherlode - Interview with Lead Writer and Editor KJ Dell Antonia
Not only is KJ’s interview my most popular to date, she is also the guest whose name I drop most often to get other interviews. If New York Times Motherlode is your be-all-end-all publication, tune in and listen to what KJ says about what to submit and what not to submit.

How can you help us continue to interview great editors from top tier sites?

Thanks for listening!

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